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Imagine it is 2117. Leading scientists of the Earth have been making themselves at home on Mars and proving its habitability for years. Mankind is about to pick up kids from school one day, get on a spaceship and hit the road. However, the many years on Earth have made us accustomed to what we created for our own good and what adds to a better life. But for the time being we may overlook what we have, generally by force of habit. As soon as your feet touch the new ground you will want to make a selfie with the Martian sunset in the background, call your parents, drink some coke and watch an item of Martian news that is fresh for you but yet another one for local scientists.

But all you will see upon landing on Mars is a red desert and research stations. Beyond all this is uncertainty and vast expanses of your new home and nothing more. Make this nothing your new business – help newcomers from Earth feel like home even on Mars. Together we can bring to life in new circumstances everything we have got used to. Hurry up and become the first to expand your business beyond Earth! Indeed you will be happy to know you have produced the first production Mars rover, shipped the first Martian coke consignment and designed the first space suit for average citizens.
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