What are online exhibitions on SWYTO?

Online exhibitions is a project, designed to help companies find new customers from all over the world with minimal efforts. hosts lots of various exhibitions: from the construction theme to luxury items. Taking part in virtual exhibition on is 10-15 times cheaper than traditional one, with greater efficiency!

Online exhibitions are similar to offline exhibitions!

  • Online exhibitions are held in limited period of time
  • Exhibitions have their own theme
  • Exhibitions have regional binding (country, trade corridor, international)
  • Designed for a limited number of participants

Why is this so effective?

  • Online communication with the audience

    Use communication module in any of four ways: chat, video conference, e-mail or call request.
  • 10-20 times cheaper than taking part in offline exhibition

    Taking part in exhibition on our website is way cheaper than taking part in any offline exhibition.
  • Online exhibition attendance is up to 50,000 people

    We use every available method in order to attract quality audience.
  • Create a booth once and take part in exhibition unlimited times

    Create your booth within 15 minutes and use it for unlimited amount of exhibitions.
  • Find new clients without leaving office

    You don't have to pay for employee travel and booth transportation to another city.

Create virtual booth of your company for free!

All the interaction between visitors and company official passes on your virtual booth. You can create it for free at any time. It will contain information about the company, contact information, products showcase, pictures and videos, communication module and virtual business card. You can create a virtual booth by yourself or ask our employees to do it for you.

Want to know more?

Watch our presentation with detailed description of all possibilities or contact with our operators who will answer all your questions.